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Sun State HVAC was born out of a desire to offer Phoenix Arizona a family friendly HVAC Repair, Residential Air Conditioning & Heating Repair and Service Company while also providing needed services to the Refrigeration needs of Commercial Restaurants in the areas.  Sun State HVAC was founded in 1979 by Phoenix Native Veteran Mark Gresin.  

Born of parents both who during the difficult times of the WW2 era  immigrated (legally) to the US, first his Father from Latvia Russia  and later his Mother from Rome Italy.   After some trials, and travels and travails which includes the great depression they were in search of new beginnings and after arriving in Phoenix, AZ they finally found the new beginning they were looking.  After opening a delicatessen bakery and fresh meat food business which was named Gross’ Delicatessen after my Grandfather, it became a quite successful ‘place to be seen’ establishment from the early 30’s all the way up until the early 80’s which is when my parents decided to finally retire.

The 30’s was very hard, our parents lost everything in the Great Depression.

Like many families during that period of time, our parents lost pretty much everything they built and had before that awful economic time.  Afterwards our entrepreneurial family consisting of my Father and Grand Parents left their home in Harrisburg PA cira 1930 and headed West until they came to a small town known as ‘the Valley of the Sun’ which was of course
At that time Phoenix, Arizona had a population of around 50,000 (total) but it was a fast growing city almost doubling it’s population through the 20’s.  Phoenix was a place where anyone with a dream and some drive could stake their claim to the American Dream especially if they could stand the heat!  See… How people stayed cool in the early Phoenix days. 


Sun State HVAC Are People Who Care


Sun State HVAC Are People Who Care




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