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It's Age of the Internet

SUN STATE REFRIGERATION is alive and well, we haven’t gone anywhere!  That said, the old classic song by Bob Dylan say’s it all… ‘The times they are a changin’.  By that we mean the age of the Internet is hear in full bloom and because of this it became necessary for Sun State Refrigeration to step into the 21st century along with the Internet’s new frontier.

Sun State Refrigeration
Began In 1979!

In 1979 when Sun State Refrigeration was born, there was no Internet, cell phones; technology was in its infantsy.  Personal cell phones was not yet available and computers only existed in larger corporations where the buildings were big enough to house these gigantic computers which were at that time almost as big as the buildings themselves!

Thus the 'new' Internet technology prompted us to replace the last word in our name 'Refrigeration' with the word acronym (word) 'HVAC' for the sake of better Website relevance and Internet Search efficiency. Sun State HVAC is the exact same awesome company 'Sun State Refrigeration' our Phoenix customers have grown to love as their AC Repair and Service company but now does business as Sun State HVAC.

Keeping up with Technology

Now that the Internet has become a primary way of living in the world, the word Refrigeration, simply put, became a little to cumbersome in the way of typing it into a Browser-bar and quite honestly, the word Refrigeration is not that easy to spell, even for those who are good spellers, the length of the word makes it prone to simple type-o errors.

So, the Team at Sun State Refrigeration brainstormed a word that basically encompasses everything the original word meant but with a much friendlier and more efficient spelling.  We simply replaced the word Refrigeration with HVAC since the facts are, we’ve always provided service equally or greater to Air Conditioning customers as well as our Commercial Refrigeration customers.

Same Company - Same Owners
Same People!

Since the descriptive word “Refrigeration” is rather long many people can have trouble typing it into a search browser when trying to find us.

2.  We are only changing the part of our name that – at first glance – explains what we do but since the facts are, we’ve always provided service equally or greater to Air Conditioning customers as well as our Commercial Refrigeration customers.

Therefore, Sun State Refrigeration has applied and received the trade name “Sun State HVAC”.  We decided on this name because AC and HVAC mean the same thing except HVAC is a little more descriptive (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and is extremely easy to remember and spell so our company Sun State Refrigeration is now also Sun State HVAC.

Thank you for your continued patronage! From all of use at Sun State HVAC aka Sun State Refrigeration.

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