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Calling Us Gets You a Air Conditioning Expert & Heating Expert – Not a Plumber in Disguise

to do the other’s field.  This is NOT to denigrate or even hint that one is better than the other, no of course not.  They both offer great importance in the service and repair industry but each has their own, completely different purpose and skill-set to offer the customer.   Today, there  are Air Conditioning Repair Companies who pass off Plumbers as HVAC technicians which is nothing more than hiring a lessor team-force for less money to provide plumbing services to those who need it and AC Sales to those who call in for a AC Repair.  These mostly HUGH companies are nothing more than charlatans & there should be a law against it!  

To top it off, you may notice that one of these larger companies actually uses derogatory statements in their advertising against real persons names, for instance there is a company (most have heard their advertisements) who castigates the name ‘Melvin’ as some poor idiot, but this very same company have AC vehicles running around Phoenix with “WE DO PLUMBING” plastered all over them!  

A wise man once said, “when you point your finger at another person in condemnation – there are three fingers and a thumb pointing straight back at the real problem”.  They come to your home and act like they’re going to repair your AC but, because they’re really plumbers masquerading as AC Repair technicians, they end up doing a full court sales press – not to repair your AC system – but to sell you a new AC unit.  Why?  Because PLUMBERS can’t fix anything as technical as Air Conditioning Repair on your unit!

A highly qualified AC Technician will NOT perform plumbing tasks like snaking toilets, cleaning drains, grease traps, sewer lines and the like. Not because he or she can’t or doesn’t understand how to but because this is not mind-set or the reason thousands of dollars and hours were spent on and in schools not counting on the job training and internship it takes to successfully learn the Air Conditioning Repair and Heating Repair trade.  Honestly, I don’t believe a medical doctors spends any more time and effort than a well seasoned HVAC specialists does; it literally takes 10+ yeas to accumulate enough knowledge and experience to become a reasonably seasoned HVAC technician.  That said, a seasoned Air Conditioning Specialist can and will build you the best condensate drain possible for your air conditioner, complete with proper venting, traps, slope and even heat-tape if necessary to keep it from freezing, but snake your toilet he will not do.

A qualified Plumber is not specifically trained to perform technical AC Repair tasks, for instance, diagnostically reading Freon pressure gauges and determining whether the relationship between the high and low sides of a system are within correct ranges, or not, according enthalpy which must take into consideration a good amount of physics coupled with atmospheric temperature measurements, then comparing those relationships to outdoor and indoor ambient, coupled with sub-cooling, super-heat, relative humidity, static pressures, indoor and outdoor splits duct leaks, how’s, where’s, when’s, why’s and on and on.  It’s just not what the training of a plumber does. 

My friends, all things considered, comparing AC tech’s and Plumbers is similar to comparing EMT’s to emergency room surgeons.  

They both have vitally important jobs and each is smart and qualified in their own chosen fields but not in the others.  If you need a plumber then call a plumber, but if you feel your uncomfortable or even hot in your home and say to yourself, I need an AC Repair near me, from a local company owned by a Phoenix Veteran Native who is hands down one of the best and most knowledgable AC Repair Specialists around, an AC Repair near me who can actually figure out whats wrong with your system and do a proper Heating Repair, how to make it blow nice and toasty again or Air Conditioning Repair, how to make it blow freezing cold again, then do not call a company that sends plumbers disguised as AC Repair technicians!   Stay far, far away from HVAC companies that plaster “WE DO PLUMBING” all over their trucks unless you like hearing the big sales pitch on how you need a new unit because your old one is unfixable – of course they won’t mention that they can’t fix it because their plumber lacks the real world Heating and Air Conditioning Repair experience and qualifications it takes to repair it!

Yes friends, plumbers and ac techs are different types of service and repair technicians.  They’re cut from different cloths, each important in their own given field but finding just one Plumber highly qualified in Air Conditioning Repair or one AC Technician willing to do both AC Repair AND Plumbing would be nearly flatly impossible!  

So the next time you think to yourself, I need to find an AC Repair Near Me company, to check your Heating, perform Maintenance on your Air Conditioner, perform AC Rrepair, Heating Repair or provide an AC Replace on your HVAC system or if you own a Restaurant requiring Refrigeration Maintenance and HVAC Repair needs or HVACR Refrigeration needs, be sure to choose a company like who has never had PLUMBING ADVERTISING on their truck, in their business or workforce and you will be miles ahead of your neighbors!  (602) 867-9480