Do not Hire Plumbers
For Your AC Job!

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We Only Hire The Best AC Specialists

AC Specialists vs Plumbers
What's the Difference?


Highly qualified AC Technician’s will NOT perform plumbing tasks e.g. snaking and cleaning drains, grease traps, sewer lines, sinks,toilets and the like, not because he or she can’t or doesn’t know how to,but because this is not the mind-set of a qualified Air Conditioning, HVAC specialist who has spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in schools and on the job internship training it takes to successfully become a true specialist in the Air Conditioning and Heating Repair trade field.

Fully qualified Air Conditioning Specialists have invested 10-15 years (minimum) of training and experience! Even medical doctors don’t spend more time and effort than a well seasoned HVAC specialist does. That said, an Air Conditioning Specialist can and will of course still build the best condensate drain possible for your air conditioner, complete with the proper venting, traps, slope and even heat-tape if necessary, but snake your toilet he will not do.

Beware! Any Technician who's willing to do
plumbing at your home is a not an AC Specialist


A qualified Plumber is not specifically trained to perform the technical tasks a qualified HVAC technician is i.e. diagnostically reading Freon pressure gauges, determining whether the relationship between the high and low sides of a system are within range or not according enthalpy which must take into consideration several different physical and atmospheric measurements and comparing those relationships to outdoor and indoor ambient, coupled with sub-cooling, super-heat, relative humidity, static pressures, how’s, where’s, when’s, why’s and on and on.

It’s just not what the training of a plumber is. Friends, comparing plumbers to AC tech’s would be similar to comparing chiropractor’s to emergency room surgeon’s.  They both have vitally important jobs, each is smart and qualified in their own chosen fields but not in each other’s fields. If you need a plumber then call a plumber but if you need a professionally licensed Air Conditioning Service and Repair Company with AC technician specialist’s call Sun State HVAC where we do not advertise or provide plumbing services at all; AC, Heating, HVAC and Refrigeration is all we do.  Stay far, far away from Air Conditioning Companies that plaster and advertise “WE DO PLUMBING” all over their trucks and advertisements.

Plumbers do offer important services but their skill-set to the customer has little or nothing to do with Air Conditioning.  Companies who pass plumbers off plumbers as HVAC techs are little more than charlatans – there really should be laws against it!

How to know you may have
a charlatan at your home?

Once they arrive at your home they’ll act like they’re going to repair your AC but in the end  they do a full court press sales-pitch without fixing anything.  They won’t repair your AC (because they can’t) and they’ll try like the dickens to sell you a new AC unit… Why? because they’re PLUMBERS and are not qualified to fix anything as technical as your Air Conditioning HVAC Unit and selling new units is the only way the company they work for can pay for the huge advertising campaigns it takes to get them into thousands of Valley homes.

What about the bigger companies and who is Melvin?

The bigger the company - the greater the offence. 

There’s a company in Phoenix Az of late that derogatorily names poor quality AC Tech’s “Melvin” and then are dumb enough to paste “We Do Plumbing” all over their Air Conditioning service trucks!  Yet because of their extensive multi-million dollar ad campaign’s people still call them and receive a plumber instead of a qualified AC Specialist. 

Why calling Sun State HVAC
makes you a smart shopper!

Yes friends, plumbers and AC techs are completely different human animals cut from different cloths, each important in their own given field’s.  Finding one that is highly qualified in both fields while also willing to work in each at the same time would be nearly if not flatly impossible.  So the next time you need to call an AC company to check your heating, maintenance, repair or replace your HVAC system or if you own a restaurant with refrigeration maintenance and repair needs, be sure to choose are licensed professional Air Conditioning, Heating, HVAC and Refrigeration SPECIALISTS where you’ll find NO PLUMBERS on your job and you will be miles ahead of your neighbors!  (602) 867-9480

When you call Sun State HVAC we guarantee
There'll never be a Plumber on your Job!

If you want a plumber then call the company who advertises Plumbers!

Other companies advertise, “and you’ll find no Melvin’s on your job” and then unequivocally state, “we do plumbing”.   What they’re really saying is, calls for your HVAC, Air Conditioning and Heating service and we’ll send out one of our plumbers in disguise. 

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