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Calling Sun State HVAC Gets You
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Not Plumbers in Disguise

  1. Until recently you may have noticed lately one of the larger local AC companies using derogatory personal attack statements in their advertising against a real persons name.  These types of actions speaks very poorly of any company’s head and does nothing to promote integrity. 

This a company (most have heard their advertisements) castigates the name ‘Melvin’ as some poor idiot, yet this very same company has AC vehicles running around Phoenix with “WE DO PLUMBING” (and AC) plastered all over them!
But WAIT! That’s not all…
Not long ago this same company strictly advertised AC Repair” as their main and only service but today advertises Plumbing as their main business and AC Service as the secondary (we also do) part of their business!  I guess one of the “Son’s” didn’t like the AC business much?

So in actuality, they are really a Plumbing company that also dabbles in AC and that means they send out Plumbers on your AC Service Calls!

The truth is, they haven’t been a real AC Company for some time.  But people still call them for HVAC Repair Services because of the flood of advertisements they employ designed to hypnotize the public to call them because well, their name is in your ear and face 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What about Claims – NO EXTRA CHARGE for Nights, After Hours, Holidays and Overtime?

There are no extra charges because they charge Overtime Rates ALL THE TIME!

Companies like this come to your home and say they’re going to repair your AC, but because they’re actually plumbers masquerading as AC Repair Services technicians, they end up first looking at the unit, telling you it’s junk and trying to sell you a brand new system with all the bells and whistles.  Then if all else fails they’ll charge the hell out of you to half-repair your system.

Why Do They Do This?
There are several reasons but here are the main two:

1. PLUMBERS can’t fix anything as technical as Air Conditioning Systems so they’ll tell you they need parts and then send a different technician to fix your AC.

2. Selling new AC’s is how these companies buy brand new service trucks with a base cost of upwards to $100k on a yearly basis. It is also how they pay the millions in advertising to become a household name so you will call their number first.  It’s simply a marketing scheme and that’s all. 

Why Can’t a Plumber Fix My AC?
A true Plumber is qualified in a specialized field of Sewer Repair and Water Line Plumbing.  They are very qualified to do things like:


1. Clear clogged drains
2. Install & repair toilets, sinks
3. Repair sewer pipes
4. Replace water heaters. 
Almost none of the items a plumber is trained to repair, install or service have anything to do with complicated electrical systems at all.

Can an Electrician Repair My AC?
An Electrician is trained to run electrical wiring to and throughout your home including things like:

1. Lighting
2. Fans
3. Electric Stoves & Dryers
4. They can even provide wiring circuits for a newly installed HVAC system.
But Electricians are NOT trained to diagnose problems with complicated electrical schematics.  
They can Install pretty much anything that runs on electric but they can not start and check or repair HVAC or Heating systems.

Why Are HVAC Specialist Different?
On the other hand, AC and Heating Repair has more than one complicated electrical system at both high and low voltages that incorporate the use of many electronic monitoring systems that include safety factors that must be understood to be confirmed safe.  These systems are symmetrically interwoven with gas pressure systems that may be volatile and can cause carbon dioxide / co2 poisoning and and must be knowledgeably checked for safety.  Electricians understanding of electric systems end where the plug enters the box. 

Some systems also have flammable gas used for heating; even the Freon itself can be flammable.  All of these systems must be properly monitored and checked on a yearly basis to rule out possible poisonous carbon monoxide gas leakage and other potentially hazardous conditions. 

The electrical systems must be checked in several ways i.e. high voltage connections that may be heating up.  Also electrical safety switches need to be checked to keep the occupants as safe as possible.

For instance, diagnostically reading Freon pressure gauges and determining whether the relationship between the high and low sides of a system are within correct ranges, or not, according enthalpy which must take into consideration a good amount of physics coupled with atmospheric temperature/pressure measurements.

At the same time comparing those relationships to outdoor and indoor ambient temperatures, coupled with sub-cooling, super-heat, relative humidity, static pressures, indoor and outdoor splits duct leaks, static duct pressures and we haven’t even mentioned anything electrical yet, the how’s, where’s, when’s and, why’s go on and on.

Bottom line – there is a lot of complicated system checks that need to be expertly performed on any AC and Heating system before that system can be safely placed in use for a customer.  These are things a plumber can not do – period.

My friends, all things considered, comparing qualified AC Technicians to equally qualified Plumber Technicans would be like comparing EMT’s to critical emergency room surgeons.  They’re both extremely important but they each have a completely different skill set. 

So Be smart! If you need a plumber then call a plumber, but if you need an Air Conditioning Specialist look for and search out a seasoned local AC and  Repair Air Conditioning Company preferably owned by a Native Phoenix Veteran like Sun State HVAC, who is hands down one of the Best and most knowledgeable AC Repair Services Specialists companies around.

When Googling Air Conditioning Repair near me if you find Sun State HVAC you will have found the very Best HVAC Service company in Phoenix AZ.  Sun State HVAC can actually figure out whats wrong with your system and DO THE RIGHT THING to make it purr like a kitten again.

We are “Where Honesty Rules!” and offer proper and honest AC and Heating Repair Services.  We know how to make your Air Conditioning System blow ice cold in the summer and nice and toasty in the winter again!

But whatever you do… do not call a company that sends out plumbers disguised as AC Repair technicians!

So the next time you say to yourself, I need to find a good Heating and Air Conditioning Repair company near me.

Weather you need a Heating Tune Up, AC Tune Up, HVAC Maintenance on your Central Air Conditioner, Perform AC Repair Services, Heating Repair Services or provide a fresh new AC Replace of your Existing system – or if you own a Restaurant requiring Refrigeration Repair Services, Refrigeration Maintenance or other HVAC-R Air Conditioning and Refrigeration needs, be sure to choose a reputable company like Sun State HVAC  who never has and never will hire plumbers or have plumbing on their trucks and you will be miles ahead of your neighbors with your AC Repair and Heating Services needs!  (602) 867-9480

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