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Calling Us Gets You a Air Conditioning Expert & Heating Expert – Not a Plumber in Disguise

You may have noticed lately one of these larger local companies actually uses derogatory personal attack statements in their advertising against real persons names, for instance there is a company (most have heard their advertisements) who castigates the name ‘Melvin’ as some poor idiot, but this very same company has AC vehicles running around Phoenix with “WE DO PLUMBING” plastered all over them!  

Lately they have even changed their radio advertisement from AC Repair and Plumbing Service to Plumbing Service and AC Repair – they don’t even put AC and Repair front and center anymore!  This is because they are no longer an AC Repair Services first company and haven’t been for some time.  But people still call them for HVAC Repair Services because of the huge flooding advertising campaigns intended to hypnotize the public to call them because well, they do plumbing too so they must be special.

Companies like this come to your home and act like they’re going to repair your AC, but because they’re really plumbers masquerading as AC Repair Services technicians, they end up doing a full court sales press – to NOT repair your AC system but instead to sell you a new AC unit.  Why?  Because PLUMBERS can’t fix anything as technical as Air Conditioning Repair and selling new AC’s buy’s brand new trucks to advertise plumbing services on!

A qualified Plumber is not trained to perform technical AC Repair tasks, for instance, diagnostically reading Freon pressure gauges and determining whether the relationship between the high and low sides of a system are within correct ranges, or not, according enthalpy which must take into consideration a good amount of physics coupled with atmospheric temperature measurements, then comparing those relationships to outdoor and indoor ambient, coupled with sub-cooling, super-heat, relative humidity, static pressures, indoor and outdoor splits duct leaks, how’s, where’s, when’s, why’s and on and on.  It’s just not what the technical range of training of a plumber is.  My friends, all things considered, comparing AC tech’s and Plumbers would be like comparing EMT’s to emergency room surgeons, they have just enough information to get into trouble!

Be smart! If you need a plumber then call a plumber, but if you feel you need an Air Conditioning Specialist are looking for and search for Air Condition Repair near me, find a seasoned local company, owned by a Phoenix Veteran Native like Sun State HVAC, who is hands down one of the best and most knowledgeable AC Repair Services Specialists companies around.

Googling Air Conditioning Repair near me for Sun State HVAC you will find a company who can actually figure out whats wrong with your system and DO THE RIGHT THING, offering proper and honest AC Repair Services or Heating Repair Services, who knows how to make your Air Conditioning System blow ice cold or nice and toasty again!  

If you’re looking for a company like this, then do not call a company that sends out plumbers disguised as AC Repair technicians!   Stay away from HVAC companies that plaster “WE DO PLUMBING” on their trucks unless you like hearing a big sales pitch on how you need a new unit because your old one is unfixable – of course they won’t mention that they can’t fix it because plumbers lack the real world Heating and Air Conditioning Repair experience it takes to fix it!

Yes friends, plumbers and ac techs are different types of service and repair technicians.  They’re cut from different cloths, each important in their own given field but finding just one plumber that is highly qualified in HVAC Repair Services or one AC Technician willing to do both AC Repair Services and Plumbing would be nearly impossible!  I would even say impossible but you never know because this is a big world, there may be one out there somewhere but the chances are that person won’t be anywhere near you when you need one.   If you need a plumber then call a plumber but if you need your cooling system serviced or repaired call a reputable company like Sun State HVAC.  

So the next time you think, “I need to find a Heating and Air Conditioning Repair near me” to either perform a Heating Tune Up, AC Tune Up, HVAC Maintenance on your Central Air Conditioner, perform AC Repair Services, Heating Repair Services or provide a fresh new AC Replace of your Existing HVAC system or if you own a Restaurant requiring Refrigeration Repair Services, Refrigeration Maintenance or other HVAC-R Refrigeration needs, be sure to choose a company like who has never had and never will have WE DO PLUMBING on their truck, in their business or a part of their workforce and you will be miles ahead of your neighbors with your HVAC Repair Services needs!  (602) 867-9480

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