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Never a Plumber On Your Job

But What about the Claims

NO EXTRA CHARGE for Nights, After Hours, Holidays and Overtime?


Companies that advertise no extra charges – weekends and holidays do so because they charge premium rates all the time.

It’s important to know that not all companies offering ‘FREE SERVICE CALLS’ are salespeople pretending to be AC repair technicians. However, there are certainly some unscrupulous companies that engage in these kinds of tactics. It’s always a good idea to do your research and read reviews before hiring any company to work on your HVAC system. Beware of companies who engage in full page ads in several publications, prime-time TV and radio advertizements, because of the exorbinant costs that have to be made up somewhere there is a good chance you could be their next target. Choose a smaller local company with a good BBB reputation, a track record of honest and transparent service, and specialized expertise in HVAC repair and installation. This way, you can be confident that you’re getting the service you need at a fair price.

Why Do They Do This?
The main reasons some companies send plumbers instead of AC repair technicians, and trying to sell new AC systems are:

  1. Plumbers lack the technical expertise required to repair AC systems and as a result, they may simply declare the unit unsalvageable and try to sell a new one and if unsuccessful send a different technician to fix the AC system.

  2. Selling new AC systems is the most significant source of revenue for larger companies covering the cost of advertising and buying new service vehicles. Some companies spend millions of dollars on advertising to become a household name so they will be the first choice for many customers when they need AC services. These companies may also invest in expensive service vehicles costing upwards of $120,000 per vehicle.

Why Can’t a Plumber Fix My AC?
A true Plumber is qualified in a narrow specialized field of Sewer Repair and Water Line Plumbing. 
They are highly skilled in tasks such as:

1. Clear clogged drains
2. Install & repair toilets, sinks
3. Repair sewer pipes
4. Replace water heaters.
5. Install hot and cold water return- pumps and piping. 

However, these tasks have little to do with the complex electrical systems found in air conditioning units. Therefore, a plumber is not qualified to repair, install or service AC systems.

Can an Electrician Repair My AC?
Electricians are trained to run electrical wiring to and throughout your home including things like:

1. Lighting
2. Fans
3. Electric Stoves & Dryers
4. They can even provide wiring feed circuits for a newly installed HVAC system.

However, electricians are not trained to diagnose problems with complicated electrical system schematics. While they can install almost anything that runs on electricity, they cannot start, check, or repair complicated HVAC or heating systems.

Why Are HVAC Specialist Different?
Unlike other trades, AC and Heating Repair involve multiple complicated electrical systems at different voltages, including AC and DC high and low voltages. These systems also include electronic monitoring systems with safety controls that require understanding to ensure safety.

In addition, these electrical systems are interwoven with gas pressure systems that can be volatile and potentially cause carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. HVAC specialists need to have knowledge in these areas to ensure safety when repairing and maintaining these systems.

  • Electricians understanding of electric systems end where the plug enters the box. 

In addition, some HVAC systems utilize flammable gas for heating, and even the refrigerant (such as Freon) used in the system can be flammable and toxic. It is important that all of these systems are properly monitored and checked on a yearly basis to ensure that there is no potential for carbon monoxide gas leakage or other hazardous conditions.

The electrical systems in HVAC units need to be checked thoroughly, including high voltage connections that may become heated over time. It is also important to check the electrical safety switches to ensure the safety of the occupants.

For example, a HVAC specialist needs to diagnostically read Freon pressure gauges to determine if the relationship between the high and low sides of the system is within the correct ranges. This process involves considering the enthalpy, which requires knowledge of physics, atmospheric temperature and internal system pressure measurements.

Additionally, all of the above-mentioned checks need to be compared and measured against the outdoor and indoor ambient temperatures, sub-cooling, super-heat, relative humidity, static pressures, indoor and outdoor splits temperatures, duct leaks, and static duct pressures. And we haven’t even begun to discuss the multiple electrical aspects of proper operation, service and repairs. 

That’s right!  The Bottom line is, there are a lot of complicated system checks that need to be expertly performed on any AC and Heating system before that system can be safely placed in use for a customer.  These are things a plumbers, electricians, painters, water filter experts, even business owners themselves generally do not do, only qualified EXPERIENCED HVAC specialists should perform these important checks and or repairs.

The advice here is to be smart and make an informed decision when seeking an HVAC service provider. If you require a plumbing service, then it is best to contact a plumber for that service. However, if you need an HVAC specialist, it is recommended to search for a reputable local AC and Repair – Air Conditioning Company and smaller is better with a high rated BBB reviews score. 

Do not trust Google reviews or Yelp, those are manipulated in several ways while the BBB verifies their reviews as fact.  Of couse we feel the ideal service provider would be one that is owned and operated by a Native Phoenix Veteran, such as Sun State HVAC but if you do not live in one of our service areas, follow the guidelines above and you should end up on top. Sun State HVAC is considered the top-rated AC Repair Services Specialists company in the areas they service.

If you search for “Air Conditioning Repair near me” and find Sun State HVAC, you will have discovered the best HVAC service company in Phoenix, AZ. Sun State HVAC has the expertise to diagnose any issue with your system and with your permission will take the appropriate steps to ensure that it operates efficiently. If it is cost-effective to do so, they will repair the unit and if not, they will provide you with the right advice to replace the unit normally if repair costs are likely to exceed 50% of the cost of a new unit over the next 5 years of operation.

Sun State HVAC prides itself on being a company ‘Where Honesty Rules!’ providing customers with proper and honest AC and heating repair services. They have the expertise to make your air conditioning system blow ice cold during the summer and provide ample warmth throughout the winter. 

Whatever you do… do not call a company that sends out plumbers disguised as AC Repair technicians!

The next time you say to yourself, I need to find a great Heating and Air Conditioning Repair company near me.

Whether you need a Heating Tune Up, AC Tune Up, HVAC Maintenance on your Central Air Conditioner to Perform AC Repair Services, Heating Repair Services or to provide a fresh new AC Replacement of your Existing system, or if you own a Restaurant requiring Refrigeration Repair Services, Refrigeration Maintenance or other HVAC-R Air Conditioning and Refrigeration needs, be sure to Choose a reputable company like Sun State HVAC is
crucial for ensuring the safety and efficiency of your systems. 

Whether you need a Heating Tune Up, AC Tune Up, HVAC Maintenance on your Central Air Conditioner or to Perform AC Repair Services, Heating Repair Services, to provide a fresh new AC Replacement of your Existing system, or if you own a Restaurant requiring Refrigeration Repair Services, Refrigeration Maintenance or other HVAC-R Air Conditioning and Refrigeration needs, be sure to choose a reputable company like Sun State HVAC who’s war cry is ‘Where Honesty Rules!’ where you’ll never see a plumber on your HVAC job or plumbing services written on their trucks.  We focus on one speciality only, and we do it right, Heating Tune Up, AC Tune Up, HVAC Maintenance on your Central Air Conditioner to Perform AC Repair Services.  Call us and you will be miles ahead of your neighbors with your AC Repair and Heating Services needs and peace of mind