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Mark Gresin


Mark Gresin

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Professional HVACR Services at Sun State HVAC

Restaurant Service HVAC & Refrigeration has been the backbone of Sun State HVAC since its inception. 

The reason is because Sun State HVAC restaurant service was literally born as a direct result of the founders 25 years of restaurant operations background by way of being born to parents who owned and operated a Phoenix AZ family delicatessen, restaurant and fresh meat business for 52 years.   Mark Gresin says,

“because of my restaurant background I believe Sun State HVAC is a particularly empathetic HVAC-R service contractor for Valley restaurant business to call for their HVAC repair and air conditioning maintenance needs.

We already understand the importance of going out of our way to make sure no food is contaminated including counter tops where food is prepared; how to stay out of the way of working employees during busy work hours; why it is important that certain foods are kept particular temperatures according to those foods.   

An example comparison might be between fresh meats like  raw beef and chicken verses fresh vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes.   Another very important refrigeration item is of course the draft beer which must be maintained at a precisely cold temperature otherwise not only will the restaurant suffer a loss of customers but also product loss will incur as a result of excessive foaming during the pour. 

Sun State HVAC restaurant services has the insight to provide A-1 customer enhancing  tricks-of-the-trade beneficial methods when servicing your restaurant equipment and providing needed preventive maintenance for your restaurant businesses.  Click and Request Service checkup today. 

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