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Sean Gresin


Sean Gresin

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HVAC Maintenance

AC Maintenance by the Professionals at Sun State HVAC

Sun State HVAC has been the forerunner in HVAC maintenance services since it’s inception in 1979.  In fact we practically invented the whole HVAC preventative maintenance process before a  few other companies even realized the importance and value of HVAC maintenance to the customer. Because of the bigger companies greedy focus on unit sales, what they do is use high dollar advertising to pull unsuspecting customers into sales funnels and then create sales tactics to close high dollar sales deals.  Read More…

Like most car sales, moving another box so they can profit big enough to buy more expensive full media ad campaigns and this can only be accomplished through the sales of many units per year. Offering customers real preventive maintenance that will do them good is not a way to sale lots of units!  Those that do offer maintenance, especially for ridiculously low or even Free advertised prices do this only to get into your door.   

Sun State HVAC has always been CUSTOMER FIRST and UNIT SALES LAST.  We have honed in special maintenance techniques over the years that is guaranteed to make your unit last longer, blow colder in the summer and warmer in the winter than ever before.  While we keep these family trade secrets to ourselves we share them with every customers unit we have the privilege to service.    

This is why Sun State HVAC is the #1 company to call for not only HVAC repairs and replacement but also all air conditioning preventive maintenance and fine-tuning needs.  Now is the time to Click the Request Service link and have a Sun State HVAC specialist check and maintain your system.

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With Sun State HVAC you never have to worry that something might be missed.


HVAC On Steroids

HVAC Services on steroids is what you'll receive when you call Sun State HVAC for your HVAC service.


It's your HVAC!

Is your HVAC hanging out of balance? Sun State HVAC knows how to fine tune your Phoenix Arizona system. Their Natives at it!


A box of tools?

It takes more than that to get the most out of your HVAC system... It also takes experience and BRAINS!

Sun State HVAC Are People Who Care

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