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Dear friends in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Valley service areas.   It’s true that here in the Valley of the Sun winters are mostly mild and simply gorgeous.  They are full of sunshine with the smell of desert sage in the air especially after one of our famous short, yet fierce summer showers.  Normal winter temperatures rarely fall below the low 30’s but can also drop into the high teens.  For those who are from much colder climates i.e. Chicago, New York and other much colder climates it may sound as though there’s little to no need for heating here but not so fast!  Because of the Phoenix area’s very low humidity, 30 degrees can actually feel much, colder and when it is really dry the bone-shivering cold can send chills through even the warmest clothing even at temperatures up into the 40’s and above especially if the wind is blowing even in the slightest!

As temperatures fall below the 50-40 degree range this is when most Valley residents will turn on their HVAC heating systems expecting nice warm comforting heat but of course that is when the heat stops working and blows out nothing but cold air. 

This is especially true if you have just received valued invited guests into your home who heard how nice, comfortable and temperate it is to live in the Valley only to realize once they got here IT’S DARN CHILLY IN THE WINTER WITHOUT A FUNCTIONING HEATING SYSTEM!

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter, let Sun State HVAC professionally check and test your HVAC heating system and bring your furnace back to life.   

Our Phoenix Family businesses date back to 1932 in the Valley which gives Sun State HVAC a unique perspective and team ability to make your Scottsdale, Phoenix or other Valley area HVAC work better than ever!   Request Service from Sun State HVAC and get your Heating secured so you are not left out in the cold. 

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