Most warranty companies no longer allow customers to request any specific company even though the customer may have a trusting relationship with that company through years of repeat service.  However, these warranty companies will still honor warranty service to a company who has received an AC tune-up request initiated by the customer.

Therefore, if you wish to use Sun State HVAC as your AC service provider and also retain use of your warranty service coverage for any covered repairs needed, follow the 2 simple steps below:

1.  Schedule a Service with us and then wait until we have arrived and diagnosed your AC system before calling your warranty company.

2.  If covered repairs are needed, you will NOW call your warranty company and explain that you called Sun State HVAC to your home for an AC tune-up and repairs are needed.

That’s it!  Please continue by completing our service request below, or you may like to use our Faster U-Schecule-It system.  


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