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Receive email & text reminders with U-Schedule-It and  no
longer worry about remembering yet another appointment!


6 Reasons to use Automated Scheduling

  • It’s Simple
    Just answer a few short questions like Name, Address, Phone, etc to help us provide excellent and expedient service.

    Don’t worry about making any mistakes –
    you can restart anytime and no appointments are actually made until they are 1st verified by the system, you and our office.
  • It’s Convenient
    Requesting service is at the tips of your fingers using your own cell phone.
    There’s no need to dial a number
    No waiting for someone to answer or call you back.
    – It’s all Automated and completed in just a couple minutes or less.
  • It Saves You Time
    Setting up a Service Request using this method will save you a lot of time because the nature of phone calls simply uses more time than just clicking a few times to do essentially the same thing but in about 1/10th the time. Also, you not only benefit by saving time but you will also receive email and text reminders from the automated system about the scheduled request.  This way you will not have to worry about forgetting yet another appointment during your busy day.
  • It’s Fast 
    Most questions are easy to answer drop-down-box multiple choice.  Just click the answer that fits your situation.
  • It’s Reliable
    We have tested Our Automated System over a period of months before implementation and found it to be remarkably Stable. Notwithstanding, it is impossible for any live-time computerized system to be 100% fail-proof.  Because of the nature of Internet connections, all computer systems fail occasionally, therefore we have incorporated certain check-points in this process designed to uncover breaks in connection and flow beyond our control.
  • It’s Worry-Free!
    Please understand – Nothing can go wrong because everything is verified before the actual appointment is ever scheduled. If for any reason after setting up an Automated Service Request you decide you want to cancel, simply call or email us at the contact info below, we’ll quickly cancel the request and you’ll also receive a cancellation email confirmation.  Canceling is as simple as that.

Example below of U-Schedule-It form.

Image of the Automated Form


Start at the top left and follow the prompts until it’s complete. 

1) Service Location
Are you East or West of Central Ave in Phoenix?

2)  Residential or Business
Is this a Business or Residential Request?

3)  HVAC Vehicle #
Confirms the System has a vehicle available.

Next you can see the Calendar with all available days highlighted in blue. Click on the Date you feel will best work for you.

Personal information on the top right.  Please enter the information correctly so we can contact you if necessary for your service.

Last we’ll need some information about the services you need performed so we can schedule a service tech and vehicle that will best compliment your service type.

Four of the questions are the simple multiple-choice type.  The other 2 require very little or no typing at all.  (see images below)

PLEASE NOTE: During busy times there may be no choices at all .  If is ever the case we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. 


We sincerely hope this brief explanation helped you decide to try our automated service request system. 

 If something is still not clear to you or you have further questions, please write me at SunStateHVAC-Webmaster or call our office at the number below.   

if you have any helpful suggestions, all good constructive criticisms will be taken seriously and added to this Webpage, non-constructive comments will be ignored.   Thank you, Webmaster. 

Click the link below to get started.

If you prefer,  feel free to call our number
below or click the email link to contact us.


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Mark Gresin


Rob Simone
Residential Tech

Our services

AC Repair

It is a well known fact that summer temperatures in our ‘Valley of the Sun’ often soar above 115 deg F and often cross above the 120 deg F area!   This kind of heat can feel devastating to those who have never experienced it before and many valley residents even experience forms of anxiety as a result. Winters in the area are for the most part quite mild. Because of this newcomers to the Phoenix area valley often don’t realize how important it is to have a properly maintained well operating air conditioning system until the summer hits and we get the seasons first really hot weekend.   Read More…

Heating Repair

Dear friends in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Valley areas (service areas).   It is true that in the Valley of the Sun winters are mostly mild, in fact they are mostly gorgeous, full of sunshine with the smell of desert sage.

In fact normal winter temperatures rarely fall below the low 30’s, and sometimes into the high teens but even so, because of the area’s low humidity, 30 degrees can actually feel much, much colder and again when it is really dry you can feel bone-shivering chills even at temperatures up into the 40’s and above!  Read More…

HVAC Maintenance

Sun State HVAC has been the forerunner in HVAC maintenance services since it’s inception in 1979.  In fact we practically invented the whole HVAC preventative maintenance process before a  few other companies even realized the importance and value of HVAC maintenance to the customer. Because of the bigger companies greedy focus on unit sales, what they do is use high dollar advertising to pull unsuspecting customers into sales funnels and then create sales tactics to close high dollar sales deals.  Read More…

HVAC Replacement

Properly maintained AC units can last a very long time but as the old saying goes – nothing lasts forever.

When the time comes to replace your existing AC, Sun State HVAC has the highest qualifications and can install most any brand available for you.  But how do you know it is time too replace an existing older unit?   There are several factors involved in making this decision but to make it as simple as possible here are a few check points we look for.  Read More…   
Click to 
Request an AC Replacement Quote  today!

Professional HVAC Services

Heating, air and HVAC repair, that’s all we do at Sun State HVAC and we are experts at it. A wise man will say, let auto mechanics be auto mechanics; doctors be doctors; plumbers be plumbers; and HVAC technicians be HVAC technicians! When it comes to the latter two, the facts are HVAC technicians and plumbers are cut from different cloths.  This is not in any way to imply that either is better than the other but to shine a light on the obvious truth that each profession requires a completely different mental focus and drive. Read More…

Restaurant HVAC

Restaurant Service HVAC & Refrigeration has been the backbone of Sun State HVAC since its inception.

The reason is because Sun State HVAC restaurant service was literally born as a direct result of the founders 25 years of restaurant operations background by way of being born to parents who owned and operated a Phoenix AZ family delicatessen, restaurant and fresh meat business for 52 years.  Mark Gresin says –  Read More…

Who is Sun State HVAC?


Sun State HVAC was born out of a desire to offer Phoenix Arizona a family friendly HVAC Repair, Residential Air Conditioning & Heating Repair and Service Company while also providing needed services to the Refrigeration needs of Commercial Restaurants in the areas.  Sun State HVAC was founded in 1979 by Phoenix Native and Veteran Mark Gresin.  
Continue Reading…

The Sun State HVAC Folks Are NOT Plumbers!

 Air Conditioning and HVAC Repair is ALL we do at Sun State HVAC.We’re experts at it!

If you call out a company that advertises Air Conditioning or HVAC service and the vehicle that shows up to your home has the word PLUMBING anywhere on that vehicle BATTEN THE HATCHES AND LOCK THE DOORS!   The chances are great that the person driving that vehicle is not an expert in Air Conditioning at all. 

A wise-man once said, let auto mechanics be auto mechanics, carpenters be carpenters, doctors be doctors plumbers be plumbers and AC Techs be AC Techs! When it comes to the latter two the facts are – AC Technicians and Plumbers are not cut from the same cloth. Each have different mental attitudes, mental drives and focus.   Continue Reading…

Sun State HVAC Are People Who Care

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