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We at Sun State HVAC take the new Pandemic very seriously, your health and well-being are our most important priority!  As a result we have implemented several safe guards designed to protect our customers, our community and ourselves. 

Listed below at the time of this writing below according to the CDC  is necessary to protect everyone involved regarding the servicing of your HVAC system in the safest manor possible.

As time goes on and more information becomes available this list may be modified.  Deletions and or additions may become necessary so the list will change as needed.  

Please feel free to check this page as often as needed to keep up on our Pandemic protection policy.  We at the Sun State HVAC Team sincerely thank you for your trust, patronage and help in keeping this world a save place to live.

Below Is A List Of Safety Steps We Take

With Sun State HVAC You Can Feel Safe

  1.   Call ahead to confirm everyone in the home is well – showing no signs of illness.
  2.   Talking to customers as much as possible by phone instead of face to face.
  3.   Wearing face-masks when greeting customers
  4.   Wearing face-masks anytime it becomes necessary to enter your home.
  5.   Wearing gloves anytime before enter the home for service or repairs.
  6.   Frequently washing our hands and/or using hand sanitizer.
  7.   No handshakes – even though we’re glad to see you.
  8.   Requiring our employees to stay home anytime they show any illness.
  9.   Sun State HVAC personnel listen to daily CDC briefings for new information.

Some Extra Safety Precautions

One Can Take At Home

Some extra steps one might consider to help protect themselves inside and especially outside the home is as follows.

1.  If you happen one of the lucky few who own Evaporative Cooling as part of your home cooling system it can be a great help to keeping the air in your home free of germs by turning it on especially this time of the year when the air is still cool outside.  Turning it on creates a positive pressure throughout the home forcing air through all areas of the home pushing stale air out from the home which continually replaces the home air with clean fresh air.

The trick to using an evaporative cooler to supply fresh air into the home during the pre-season is turning off the water supply that the system uses to create cooling during the warmer summer months and forcing the system to remain on low speed only.

 2.  While N95 masks are still scarce in order to keep them disinfected and safe for use, when not wearing it place the mask inside a large Ziploc bag and spray a shot or two of Lysol inside the bad and Ziploc it shut until next use.  This will keep the mask germ free and the bag will help protect it. 

3.  In the home if you wash dishes by hand put a little chlorine in the dish water before washing the dishes.  This will disinfect all germs from the dishes so you can feel confident that when you to to eat from them again they will have been completely sanitized.  

Note: To save money buying your chlorine, buy liquid swimming pool chlorine instead of the household chlorine found in the stores.  The only difference is that the pool chlorine is 10% stronger than the household chlorine but the chemical is exactly the same.  Simply add 10% water to the swimming pool chlorine and you will have the same product at about 1/2 the cost.

 4.  Doctors agree one of the quickest ways this virus spreads is by touching something foreign like a counter top, door knob, someone else’s pen etc. and then before you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer, touch your face.   Never ever touch your face unless you have completely disinfected your hands first.  


We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  From all of us at Sun State HVAC our thoughts are with those who have been affected by COVID-19.  The Sun State HVAC Family is in this all together, and as Americans, we will all rise to the occasion.

Mark Gresin 
President and General Manager
Sun State Refrigeration dba Sun State HVAC 
Any Questions? Please Contact Our Award Winning Service Team
(602) 867-9480 Or Send Email

It may help to know that Sun State HVAC is a real Phoenix Native Family and every tech we send to your home has a family of their own they care about keeping safe and protected.  We never hire questionable personnel – only real people thoroughly vetted through several months if not years of testing and training by our company.  You can use Sun State HVAC with complete confidence that we will look out for your welfare the same as the welfare of their own family!  

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