Newly Installed Gas-Fired AC + Attic Duct Makeover


Arcadia Home AC System Thoroughly Upgraded

This warm eclectic Arcadia home was built in the mid 1900’s at a time when 3 phase electric was used and because of it’s age and past make-shift installations and “fixes” this home was sorely need of an Air Conditioning revamp by a company who cared enough to properly redesign a properly sized HVAC and duct system.  So after strong consideration and with the customer’s blessings,we at Sun State HVAC decided we would be the company to make this home breath again.  

This revamp was accomplished by adding a complete 5 ton Gas Fired A/C upgrade to this spacious split-plan 2400 sq ft home with open family area’s and Arizona room.  Originally this home was approximately 1800 sq ft with a 3.5 ton system but as time went on the sq ft had increased and now called for a 5 ton HVAC system.  We decided to provided a new American Standard 5 ton 3 phase 14 SEER commercial style HVAC. 

We not only removed and replaced the original 30-year-old Gas fired A/C system but completely cut out the old style roof to unit ducts (making new roof cuts) and added a new up-sized roof jack and also upgraded, revamped and up-sized several of the main branch and trunk air ducts causing a revival of this air conditioning starved home.  We also replaced several registers with the exact types it takes to move the supply air to exactly where it is needed.  The results are nothing short of miraculous!


The customer has been living in this Arcadia home for several years and they felt it was time to consider upgrading their very old system especially because in the last couple years they had been having more problems than before and also their home was not comfortable especially during the summer months.

During our consultation, they made their concerns known that when the A/C did operate, two of the four bedrooms on the bedroom side of the home provided reasonably adequate air but the other two were always too warm and stuffy to be comfortable especially in the summer-time.

They also explained that the living side of the home (entry, dining, Arizona-room & kitchen) suffered from lack of cooling during the summer months. They also spoke regarding how the existing Return Air Filter Grill sounded “so loud it wakes us up at night… like a Freight-Train”…

Upon inspection of the HVAC envelope A/C and duct system, we discovered that this home had the living space square feet increased sometime in the past by the addition of an enclosed Arizona room plus 2 full bedrooms and a bathroom between them. The original return air from the unit had been originally sized for a 3 to 3.5-ton system and was simply inadequate to carry enough air for the 5 ton HVAC system size now required to cool the home.

Below we share a few of the correction highlights we provided during this install and whole house air movement correction.

Once the unit was removed we found much of the attic duct was not even insulated and many of the flex duct lengths were grossly too long and under-sized to allow air to flow freely without restrictive turbulence from the unit to the rooms. In order to fix these problems flex ducts that were over length were replaced with smooth metal insulated duct that allows for longer runs without undue flow resistance greatly increasing air to the living spaces they cool.  The image (top right) shows the run beginning at the main supply (left pic) and running a good 40 feet to the kitchen (right pic).  This was all removed and replaced with a solid round metal inner core with R8 flex pulled over it for a decent insulation factor. 

Air-duct scoops throughout the system were re-worked to allow air to flow more efficiently and more balanced.  Also all bare metal wrapped with heavy R8 insulation and all upgraded flex used for insulating metal round duct and duct end connections also upgraded to R-8 insulation.  If you look closely at the image on the left you can see how much thicker the R-8 insulation (top of image) is than the R4 (bottom of the image).  The R4 in the image is a piece that we had removed for replacement with R8.  A new return air register was also added to the air starved opposite side of the home (bottom right).


We are currently now in the harsh heat of the summer months end of July so I decided to call this customer and say hi and ask how the AC was performing.   The answer was an ecstatic Great and Wonderful!   The customer told me that their electric bill was a full 30% less than before and the whole house was not only nice and cool with no warm spots, they also still could not hear the AC turn on or off.   The only way they new it was operating was that they could feel nice cool air movement when it went on.   They were very happy with the home HVAC updated system that Sun State HVAC installed. 

When you’re ready for a truly well thought out upgraded HVAC system don’t hesitate to call Sun State HVAC.  We Guarantee you will FEEL and HEAR the difference Sun State HVAC specialists can make in your home comfort, AC and Heating experience.   


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We Love Receiving Great Reviews

We Love Receiving Great Reviews!

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