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Sean Gresin

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Plumbers Are Not AC Specialists

AC Companies Who Advertise “we do Plumbing


Do you really want plumbers fixing your Air Conditioning? 

– Of course not

AC Companies Who Advertise “We Do Plumbing


Do you really want a plumber fixing your expensive AC system?

– Of course not –

Other Companies Say No Melvin's

But we say... NO PLUMBERS!

Since plumbers can’t provide the high level necessary to provide critical Air Conditioning repairs or valuable tune-ups for you, don’t expect your AC System to be properly and professionally serviced or repaired at all if you call ANY COMPANY that “also does plumbing”.

If you do, nine times out of ten you can expect a recommendation to purchase a new Air Conditioning System.  This is because they can’t fix it!  They’ll say, “your unit is junk” and WE HAVE THIS SUPER SPECIAL which you’ll end up paying for the next 10 to 15 years!

DON’T DO IT!  Call a true honest professional HVAC Specialist Company – “Where Honesty Rules!” – Call Sun State HVAC or click on the red button below for the FASTEST SCHEDULING IN THE INDUSTRY!

Informed people can not be taken advantage of!


At Sun State HVAC all we do is Air Conditioning & Heating Service Repair & Installation and Commercial Refrigeration Service & Repair and we’re experts at it!

A wise person  might say, let auto mechanics be auto mechanics, doctors be doctors, plumbers be plumbers and AC Technicians be AC Technicians!

Make no mistake, if you need an AC repair company and the vehicle that arrives at your home has the word PLUMBING anywhere on it, BATTEN THE HATCHES AND LOCK THE DOORS because chances are the person driving that vehicle is not an expert Air Conditioning Specialist.

When it comes to the difference between a Plumber and a qualified HVAC Technician, the facts are AC Technicians and Plumbers are not cut from the same cloth. Each have different mental attitudes, drives and focus.   Continue Reading...


News Flash - There's No Such Thing!

The amount of calls we get telling us that they saw another company advertise FREE SERVICE CALL only to find out that that FREE service was not exactly free at all is astonishing. In fact not only are those service calls not free, they are dang expensive especially considering these companies charge up to 10X or more for the same needed repairs as Sun State HVAC!  


Example: About a week ago we received a call from a new customer that found us through word of mouth and right off the bat they asked a question:  How much would you (Sun State HVAC) charge me to come out to my home and replace my 40 amp two circuit contactor including the service call?

Since we had no other information to go on we simply answered the question explaining, if nothing else was needed the full charge would be in the vicinity of $175 – $225 depending on the time needed to replace it and type of part it was etc. Suddenly there was a shriek on the other end of the phone exclaiming, the AC company she just called out wanted 10 TIMES MORE to do the same exact job!  She went on to ask why a company like that would do such a thing, after all the boss wears such a nice Cowboy hat and THEY DO PLUMBING TOO!

It is because they know offering a FREE or cheap $39 – $49 Tune-up check will get them into thousands of homes and once their in they first attempt to sell a new unit and if that fails they’ll inflate repair charges to pay for their EXPENSIVE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS for the privilege of getting into the homes of as many customers as possible.

Once they do they push highly inflated prices to not only pay for that supposedly FREE service call but also line their pockets several times over and then RINSE AND REPEAT.

Lately there’s been one of those bigger area marketing junkie – we do it all including plumbing AC companies – advertising “no extra charges for nights, weekends or holidays.”

So let me ask you, do you honestly believe this?  The reason they advertise this is because they triple charge for all their regular services too IF you’re lucky enough to get them to repair your AC instead of pushing a replacement in place of repair. In other words their REAL RATE IS MUCH GREATER FOR ALL SERVICES ALL THE TIME once they get in your home!

Dear friends, don’t be a statistic!   Never use a company that pays full page advertisements, TV, Radio spots and basically everywhere you are you see or hear about them. And never call an AC company that advertises WE DO PLUMBING SERVICE or ANY OTHER SERVICE other than AC, HEATING OR OTHER COOLING Services or offers and “deals” so cheap it’s simply too good to be true unless of course you want be overcharged and taken advantage for those services just to pay for their exorbinate advertising expenses.



We’d like to try and clear some of up the confusion regarding terms used to describe services in the world of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, namely the usage of AC, HVAC and HVAC-R.

1)  AC is the most widely used term most people already know of and of course stands for Air Conditioning.  AC is the standard method developed to cool a living space using electromechanical processes to remove heat, humidity and as a secondary benefit, air dust particles.  Even though AC is the literal acronym for Air Conditioning, it also encompasses Heating and Ventilation.  This term is widely used in all the residential, commercial and Air Conditioning fields.

This is the method most widely used to provide a comfortable air-conditioned space. There are also other methods of providing air conditioned space (such as solar), but these methods are not widely available to the public yet.

2)  HVAC Is also a widely used term which is basically synonymous with AC above.  This term takes the above AC description and adds the prefix HV (which stands for Heating and Ventilation) making it Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning.  This term is also widely used in all the residential, commercial and Air Conditioning fields.

HVAC-R (or HVACR) – Is the same as the previously described HVAC but adds the suffix  R and is sometimes separated from the HVAC body by a hyphen – thus making it appear HVAC-R.  The R stands for Refrigeration and in almost all cases suggests restaurant along with HVAC service.  Therefore, HVAC-R has the meaning of “Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration” service.

Sun State HVAC is an HVAC-R company and always has been.  So when you call Sun State HVAC be assured we can handle pretty much anything you throw at us that needs serviced, repaired or replaced be it residential homes and refrigeration or restaurant refrigeration needs.

Our services

AC Repair

It is a well-known fact that summer temperatures in our ‘Valley of the Sun’ often soar above 115°F

and often cross above the 120°F area!   This kind of heat can feel devastating to those who have never experienced it before and many valley residents even experience forms of anxiety as a result.

Winters in the area are for the most part quite mild which is why newcomers to the Phoenix area  often don’t realize how important it is to have properly maintained well-operating air conditioning systems until the summer hits and we get our seasons first really hot weekend.   Read More…

Heating Repair

Dear Phoenix, Scottsdale and other Valley areas friends (see service areas).   Althought it’s true that the Valley of the Sun winters are mostly mild, and in fact for the most part, they are simply gorgeous, full of sunshine with the smell of desert sage, orange blossoms, and gardenias filling the morning air.

Winter temperatures rarely fall below 30°F but sometimes creep into the high teens, even so, because of the area’s low humidity 30°F can actually feel much, much colder and again when it is really dry you can feel bone-shivering chills even at temperatures up in the 40’s °F and above!  Read More…

HVAC Maintenance

Sun State HVAC has been the forerunner in Air Conditioning Maintenance Services since it’s inception in 1979.  That facts are, we practically invented the whole HVAC Preventative Maintenance Process before a other companies even realized the importance and value of Maintaining their customer’s Air Conditioning and HVAC equipment. The reason is bigger companies tend to focus on unit sales, acting more like a car sales company that a useful service company; and the biggest companies use high dollar advertising to lure unsuspecting customers into specially designed sales funnels and once your on the hook they enact powerful sales tactics to close high dollar – move the box – deals.  Read More…

HVAC Replacement

Properly maintained AC units can last a very long time.  In fact depending on the type of equipment is it not unreasonable to see a well maintained system’s useful life go beyond the 12-15 year mark but, as the old saying goes – nothing lasts forever.

When the time comes time to replace your existing AC system, Sun State HVAC has the highest qualifications and can install most any brand available for you.  But how do you know it is time to replace an existing older unit?   There are several factors involved in making this decision but to make the decision as simple as possible, here are a few checkpoints to look for.  Read More…   

Click to 
Request an AC Replacement Quote today!

Professional HVAC Services

Heating, Air, Refrigeration and HVAC Repair, is all we do at Sun State HVAC and we are specialists at it.

A wise man will say, let auto mechanics be auto mechanics; doctors be doctors; plumbers be plumbers, and HVAC technicians be HVAC technicians!

When it comes to the latter two, the facts are HVAC technicians and plumbers are cut from different cloths and there is no way a plumber can do what an AC specialist can in regards to your expensive Air Conditioning equipment!  We are not trying to imply that either is better than the other but to shine a light on the obvious truth that each profession requires completely different mental focus’s and drive. Read More…

Restaurant HVAC-R

Air Conditioning, HVAC, Refrigeration and other Restaurant Cooling Equipment has been the backbone of Sun State HVAC since its founding in 1979.

Because Sun State HVAC restaurant service was literally born as a direct result of the founders 25 years of restaurant operations background by way of being born to parents who owned and operated a Phoenix AZ family delicatessen, restaurant and fresh meat business for 52 years in Central Phoenix Az this gives Sun State HVAC a one-up on most all other HVACR companies in Phoenix.  Mark Gresin says –  Read More…



With Sun State HVAC you never have to worry, knowing that the company you have chosen for service looks at and examines every angle of every service, repair and installation job that come our way.


HVAC On Steroids

HVAC Services on steroids! From the time you call is you'll receive from Sun State HVAC for your Air Conditioning and HVAC service.


It's your HVAC!

Is your HVAC banging and clanging? Sun State HVAC knows how to fine tune your Phoenix Arizona system so you'll be SUPER-COOLED. They're Phoenix AZ Natives and Specialists at it!


A box of tools?

It takes more than a box of tools to get the most out of your Air Conditioning HVAC system... It also takes experience, caring, a great team and BRAINS!



Sun State HVAC was born out of a desire to offer Phoenix Arizona a family friendly Commercial HVAC,  Residential Air Conditioning & Heating Repair Service Company while also providing needed services to the Refrigeration needs of Commercial Restaurants in a condensed Phoenix area. 

Sun State HVAC was founded in 1979 by Phoenix Native and Veteran Mark Gresin.
Continue Reading…


and We’re Experts at it!

When you call Sun State HVAC out to do your service you will receive top industry SPECIALISTS on your job throughout the process of your service.

Mad Maxine Says...

Sun State HVAC Are People Who Care



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