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Sean Gresin


Mark Gresin


Tricia H Office Manager


Dorena Gresin
Office Manager


Rob Simone


Steven Ward
Residential Tech


Don't Be Taken Advantage Of

AC Companies Who Advertise...

"Plumbing - Electrical - Water Softeners - Etc."

Send Plumbers Disguised As A/C Technicians

Do You Really Want Plumbers

Working On Your Air Conditioner?

AC Companies Who Advertise...

"We Do Plumbing - Electrical - Water Softeners - Etc."

Send Plumbers Disguised As A/C Technicians

Do You Really Want Plumbers

Working On Your Air Conditioner?

– Probably Not –


If You're Looking for an Honest
Professional HVAC Company... You're at the Right Place! We Are HVAC Professionals Born & Raised Right Here in Phoenix AZ

We are...


AKA Sun State HVAC

"Where Honesty Rules!"


Our Goal Is To Offer the Best AC Repair Services in Phoenix!

Our Goal Is To Offer
The Best AC Repair
Services in Phoenix!

Sun State HVAC has been serving  the Valley Area since 1979!

Can reviews be trusted?

Did you know that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is one of the few websites that vets and verifies all reviews before posting them? Unlike sites like Yelp, Google, and social media platforms, the BBB ensures that fake reviews don’t slip through and appear as genuine. Unfortunately, there’s an entire industry that sells fake reviews to companies, allowing them to boast about having a perfect five-star rating. However, it’s important to use common sense when reading reviews. If a company has hundreds of reviews, and almost all of them are five stars, many are unlikely to be genuine.

The BBB’s primary focus is on promoting sound business practices for the welfare of the public, unlike social media sites. At Sun State HVAC, we are aware of the fake review industry, and we are frequently approached by companies offering to sell us “five-star” reviews. Nevertheless, we firmly believe in providing honest and reliable service and never resort to purchasing fake reviews.

Given these facts, when choosing a business or service, it’s crucial to rely on trustworthy sources. That’s why we recommend the BBB rather than relying on the social media sites mentioned above.  Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

5 Star A+ BBB Rating

Visit us at the BBB



For your AC & Cooling Company?

At Sun State HVAC, our technicians are highly rated AC service professionals specializing in HVAC services, repairs, and installations. Our main mission is to provide top-quality HVAC and refrigeration services to the Phoenix Area. We adhere to the saying, “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways,” and that’s why we stay focused on our committed core expertise, which is HVAC services, AC repairs, AC installations, and air quality control.

At Sun State HVAC
We are a single minded company focused on one thing;
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

At Sun State HVAC, we are a single-minded company focused solely on Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, which is HVAC-R service. We believe that expanding into other unrelated fields like plumbing, water filter services, and electrical services can have negative consequences and harm our well-deserved A+ reputation. Therefore, we remain true to our commitment to providing top-notch services in the HVAC-R industry.

We understand the importance of highly specialized HVAC technicians to properly diagnose and service AC systems. That’s why we only hire top-level service personnel and specialists. Our low employee turnover rate is a testament to the expertise and dedication of our team, as 90% of our technicians have been with our company for 15 years or more.

When you choose Sun State HVAC for your HVAC service needs, you can be confident that you won’t have a “plumber” posing as an HVAC technician because we are strictly HVAC specialists. HVAC services, AC repairs, AC installations, and air quality control are our sole focus. As a specialized HVAC company, we take pride in offering exceptional service to our clients. Whether you contact us by phone, email, request a call-back, or use our fast scheduling U-Schedule-it service, you can rely on receiving first-rate service from our company and our team.

Our Sun State HVAC technicians always respectfully address your needs and provide AC repair services that surpass those of any other HVAC company. While we may not be the biggest air conditioning and heating company, our goal is to be the best HVAC repair service provider in Phoenix. You don’t have to take our word for it – check out our A+ BBB rating and explore our service areas.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with the exceptional quality of our work, professionalism, and kindness of both our office and our technical service team.

If you live or have a business in or close to one of the Sun State HVAC service areas, you are truly in luck.
If you're not in one of our service areas we apologize!

If you live or have a business in one of the Sun State HVAC service areas, you are truly in luck. However, if you’re not in one of our service areas, we apologize! We are constantly searching for skilled technicians to expand our service coverage, but as previously mentioned, we are picky about who we hire to service our treasured customers.

At Sun State HVAC, maintaining a near spotless reputation is our priority. We’d rather not become like other larger Phoenix companies that resort to hiring internet reputation managers, purchasing hundreds of fake 5-star reviews, and overcharging customers to cover their massive advertising budgets, including offering unrelated services like plumbing and water filter systems.

The truth is, plumbers and electricians are not HVAC or air conditioning specialists, so it’s essential to be cautious when calling a company for service. If the service vehicle that arrives at your residence has the word “PLUMBING” displayed anywhere on it, and you called for AC services, there’s a good chance the technician driving that vehicle is not a Sun State HVAC qualified service repair expert, despite what he claims or what is printed on his shirt.

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Specializes in a full array of
A/C Services including:

Residential Home HVAC Services

Sun State HVAC Has Everything Your Home Needs For Clean, Quiet AC and Heating.

  • AC Repair Services
  • AC Installation Services
  • Heating Repair Services
  • AC Tune Up Services
  • AC Coil Cleaning Services

Ask Us About Our Space Age Air Scrubbing Purifiers That Removes Dust From The Air You Breath And Even Sanitizes Your Kitchen Surfaces Including Bathrooms While You Sleep!  Create An Easy To Clean Dust Free Sterilized Home Environment!

  • AC Dust Scrubbers
  • AC Odor Control
  • Duct Air Balancing
  • Ductless Mini-Splits
  • Unit Replacement
ac repair services american standard havc

Most Brands of New AC Systems


We Will Treat You Right!

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Top Notch AC Repair Services

We also provide a full line of Restaurant Maintenance Services Including everything needed to keep valley restaurant business operating smoothly and on budget. It’s a well known fact that expertly planned and executed Preventive Maintenance Service Programs helps save big money on reducing operating costs including the costs of most major breakdowns.

Residential HVAC Services

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Restaurant Repair Services

Sun State HVAC was born out of a need to maintain their own family restaurant which was in operation for over 50 years in Phoenix.

The HVAC-R Services Listed Below is not an exhaustive list.  We service most all food service equipment found in valley restaurants.

  • Restaurant HVAC & HVACR Services
  • Restaurant HVAC Replace Installations
  • HVAC & R Maintenance Services
  • Difficult Problem Diagnoses 
  • Walk-In’s  (Freezer & Refrigerators)
  • Upright Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Under Counter Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Traulsen
  • McCall
  • Victory
  • Ice Machines (all types)
  • If it Cools or Freezes Food – We Service it
  • If it Cools or Heats a Room – We Service it
  • Hood and Make-up Air
  • Air Balancing
  • Unwanted Odors in eating areas

Commercial HVAC Services


Commercial Services Plus:

Sun State HVAC has been a provider of Commercial HVAC Services to the Phoenix Valley for over 40 years.

We specialize in diagnostics of difficult problems that most other companies can not uncover.

Commercial Services are listed below including other similar equipment usually found in Commercial Businesses:

  • HVAC Repair Services
  • Exhaust Check up and Maintenance 
  • Scheduled Maintenance Service – Filter, Belt, Pressures & Freon Checks, Safety Controls, Motors Oiled, Electrical Systems Checked etc.  
  • Monthly PM Contracts Available. 
  • Duct Balancing
  • Air Quality 
  • Odor Control

Commercial Customers

If it Cools, Refrigerates or Provides Comfort Heating – We Professionally Service Maintain, Repair or Replace it

Commercial Customers

If it Cools, Refrigerates or Provides Comfort Heating – We Professionally Service Maintain, Repair / Replace it



News Flash!
There’s No Such Thing as FREE Anything

News Flash!
There’s No Such Thing

Guess what! We receive numerous customer calls reporting that they observed company advertisements stating – FREE SERVICE CALLS – only to find out that the so-called FREE service was not free at all. It’s astonishing! Just ask yourself, why would the #1 Best AC Repair Services in Phoenix Company offer FREE Service?

This would be like passing a wagon on the road offering a bottle of ointment that claims it cures baldness, whitens teeth, sterilizes your clothes, and shines your shoes for $1 a bottle. In other words, it makes no sense at all!

Not only are those service calls not free, but they are also expensive, especially considering these companies charge up to 10X or more for the same needed repairs as a local company like Sun State HVAC, and that’s IF they attempt repairs at all!

You are much more likely to get a full court sales mumbo-jumbo pitch about how your unit is just too old and outdated to repair at a reasonable cost. Then they pull out the old “have we got a special deal for you” sales spiel.

Dear friends, don’t be a statistic! Never use companies that pay multi-thousands of dollars for full-page advertisements, TV and radio spots, and plaster their ads everywhere you look. Also, never call an AC Repair Services company that advertises “WE DO PLUMBING SERVICES” or “MOST ANY OTHER SERVICE” other than AC Repair Services, Heating Repair Services, or other closely related Cooling and Air Treatment Services.

Stay away from those that offer “deals” so cheap it’s simply too good to be true (FREE this and FREE that), unless of course, you want to be overcharged and taken advantage of to pay for their exorbitant advertising expenses.



Should We Trust Them?

Some of the many services Sun State HVAC has to offer YOU our Phoenix AZ family and friends.

AC Repair

It is widely acknowledged that summer temperatures in our ‘Valley of the Sun’ frequently soar above 115 degrees F, and even crossing the 120 degrees F mark is not uncommon!

Such extreme heat can be devastating, especially for those who have never experienced it before, leading many valley residents to experience anxiety.

On the other hand, winters in the area are generally mild. Consequently, newcomers to Phoenix AZ often underestimate the significance of having a reliable HVAC Repair Services with a properly maintained and well-operating air conditioning system until the summer arrives and we experience the season’s first scorching weekend.

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Heating Repair

Dear Phoenix, Scottsdale and other Valley area friends (see service areas). 

It’s true that winters in the Phoenix AZ area are mostly gorgeous, filled with sunshine and the delightful aroma of desert sage, orange blossoms, and gardenias in the air.

While normal winter temperatures rarely drop below the low 30s, on occasion, they can reach the high teens. However, due to the area’s low humidity, even 30 degrees can feel much colder. Additionally, when it’s really dry, you can experience bone-chilling cold even at temperatures in the 40s and above! That’s why our HVAC Repair Service is designed to keep your AC and Heating working at its optimal best!

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HVAC Maintenance

Since its inception in 1979, Sun State HVAC has been a pioneer in HVAC Repair Services and AC Maintenance. In fact, we were among the first to introduce the concept of HVAC preventative maintenance, long before other companies recognized its importance and value to our customers.

Unlike many bigger companies that prioritize unit sales and employ greedy tactics, we focus on providing genuine value to our customers. We avoid high-dollar advertising that pulls unsuspecting customers into sales funnels. We believe in honesty and transparency, ensuring that you get the service you need without unnecessary pressure.

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Technicians at Sun State HVAC are Highly Rated AC Service Professionals specializing in all types of HVAC Repair Services. We believe in the saying, “Let Plumbers be plumbers, Auto Mechanics be auto mechanics, and Air Conditioning Professionals be Air Conditioning Professionals.”

There’s an old saying, “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways,” and the wisdom of these words could not be more true.

We promise to do our best to provide your service respectfully and strive to be better than any other company. We aim not to be the biggest, but to be the #1 Best AC Repair Services Phoenix has to offer!

If you live or have a business in one of our service areas, you are truly in luck. If you’re not in one of our service areas then we apologize! We are constantly looking for high-level technicians to expand our area coverage, but as mentioned earlier, Sun State HVAC level technician specialists are very hard to find.

We would rather be a smaller company with a near-spotless reputation, fewer customer complaints with happy friendly employees and top-notch technicians, rather than a big company having to hire in-house reputation managers and purchase 5-star reviews like our competitors!

Here at Sun State HVAC, we refuse to allow complacency to creep into our company by following in the footsteps of other AC companies just to be able to advertise that we do plumbing and sell water filters.

It’s a simple fact that plumbers are not HVAC Technicians or Air Conditioning Specialists. If you would like a professional AC Repair, then you should demand a highly qualified HVAC Repair Services Company like Sun State HVAC. You will never see companies like ours advertising both “We Do Plumbing” and “We Do Air Conditioning on the same vehicle.”

So beware… if the vehicle arriving at your home has the word PLUMBING anywhere on it and you called for AC Services, the chances are great that the technician driving that vehicle is not an Expert AC Service Repair Technician at all, regardless of what he or his shirt says!

You may ask, “How can you know if the driver is a real AC Technician?” If the driver/tech’s vehicle has both statements “We do Plumbing” and “AC Repair Service,” red flags should be raised.

Before allowing repairs to begin, ask the service tech if they can check your slow-draining plumbing while they’re there. If the tech says yes, and he checks and clears the drains – then he is a plumber. Do not let him work on your precious Air Conditioning System!

If the technician says, “No, I don’t work on sewer plumbing, I’m an AC Tech,” then the chances are very good this person is a real AC Repair Service technician.

This is because the only drain systems an HVAC technician will work on are the condensate drain of your Air Conditioning system, which has nothing to do with your home’s sewer drain system.

Given the training, money, and multiple internship years and on-the-job training required to become a highly qualified HVAC Repair Services Specialist, there is no way someone with these qualifications will work on sewer systems… they just won’t.

It takes a minimum of 5 to 15 years (depending upon aptitude and who the instructor is) to become a seasoned qualified AC Repair Services technician, along with intensive training and dedication, much like becoming a Doctor. Obviously, the only real difference is one works on humans, and the other with machinery. There are many so-called AC technicians in the world, but becoming a highly qualified HVAC seasoned specialist is actually quite rare.

This is not to say that Plumbers aren’t great, smart, wonderful people who do an incredibly important job, but Plumbing is not at the same technical level as AC Repair Services, and any honest AC Repair Services company worth their salt would never mix these two types together in the same business.

Only companies that look for ways to fleece the public will do this kind of thing while talking about what their daddy did with a flashlight after buying failing companies that had been previously sold at least a dozen times before.

The temptation to use unqualified personnel, e.g., Plumbers and Electricians, is because company operators know plumbers won’t be able to repair 90% of the jobs they go on and will opt for selling customers new units even though a cost-effective repair might have been performed by a qualified HVAC Repair Specialist.

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HVAC Replacement

Properly maintained AC units can last a very long time but as the old saying goes – nothing lasts forever.

When the time comes to replace your existing AC, Sun State HVAC has the highest qualifications in HVAC Repair Services and can install most any brand available for you.  But how do you know it is time to replace an existing older unit?   There are several factors involved in making this decision but to make it as simple as possible here are a few checkpoints we look for.  Request an AC Replacement Quote today or Read More…

Only Professional HVAC Services

At Sun State HVAC, AC Repair, Heating, Air Balance, Refrigeration, and HVAC Repair are the only services we focus on, and we excel in them.

Finding truly great AC Repair Technicians is not easy, and those who possess the required expertise deserve a decent income. Unfortunately, some formerly advertised HVAC Repair Services companies have shifted their focus and become plumbing specialists, even promoting “Plumbing and Air Conditioning” instead of the other way around, making Plumbing their primary source of business. A wise approach would be to let auto mechanics specialize in auto mechanics, doctors in medicine, plumbers in plumbing, and HVAC technicians in HVAC services.

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Restaurant HVAC-R

Since its inception, Sun State HVAC has been the backbone of providing Repair and Refrigeration Services to Restaurants, ensuring they meet strict city, state, and local codes and maintain safe refrigerated and frozen food, beer, and wine levels.

Sun State HVAC’s Repair Services in the Restaurant Service field was born as a direct result of the founder’s 30 years of restaurant operational experience and food handling background. Mark Gresin himself was born to parents who owned and operated a family Delicatessen, Restaurant, and Fresh Meat business for 52 years right here in Phoenix AZ.

–  Read More…


Who is Sun State HVAC?

Sun State HVAC was founded in 1979 by Phoenix Native and Veteran, Mark Gresin, with a strong desire to offer Phoenix, Arizona, a family-friendly HVAC Repair Services, Residential Air Conditioning & Heating Repair, and Service Company. Additionally, the company aimed to cater to the Refrigeration needs of Commercial Restaurants in the area.
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